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Hi, I'm Amy. I'm a multi-disciplined dancer who creates movement, artist, and performance photography in Salt Lake City.


I insisted, as I'm told, to start ballet class at age three, and so I don't really remember a time without dance in my life. Memories of my early classes consist of pink leotards and tights, my teacher Miss Adele, and finding my place in center by a chalked 'x' on the floor. 

Only a couple years later I'd be given my first camera, a Kodak 'Pazzazz' that used 110 film (aptly named for a performer). My mother was constantly making film photos of me, and so early on I learned how to work both in front of and behind the lens. 

I've continued to hone these skills, adding modern and ballroom dance in college, along with combining my film photography with digital capture. I've been a print and runway model, a longtime learner of yoga & Pilates, and I'm currently working on a Stott Pilates instructor certification. 

Like many of you, I'm a lifelong student. I'm ready to make a move. Are you? 

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